Thursday, September 11, 2008

The E-Bay Myth
That E-Bay story Sarah Palin tells - how she got rid of the Governer's luxury jet by putting it up for auction online - is pretty cute isn't it? Shows she's spunky, right? Doesn't want to waste the people's money cause she's just regular old small town people huh? Just a regular old mom getting rid of stuff the way moms do, right?

Except for it's not true. She didn't sell the plane on Ebay. And putting it up for sale on EBay - which didn't work - wasn't even her idea. That's just how the Governor's Office there always tries to get rid of stuff. It's not Sarah's Operating Procedure; it's Standard Operating Procedure.

She doesn't value the people's money. In fact she stays at lavish hotels on the taxpayer's dime when she's away from home, and charges the taxpayer a per diem night rate even *when she stays at home*. She thinks she is God's gift to Alaska, and that Alaska is God's gift to her.

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