Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What is John McCain's Plan?
Sad news came last week of the advance of dementia in former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Her daughter revealed that the decline in Ms. Thatcher's mental state first became clear when she was 75 years old. That, of course is the age John McCain would be during the 3rd year of his presidency if elected in November.

I declare it is time for his stonewalling to stop. Senator McCain has been running for President for 17 months and has yet to answer questions about his plan for implementing Sections 3 and 4 of the 25th Amendment regarding the replacement of the President due to disability. The American people have a right to know! What is your plan, Senator? We don't want to have another Alexander Haig moment.

How and when will you cede the presidency? Who will you entrust with the decision-making process for determining when this passing of the torch should take place? Will the advice of the Vice President alone convince you? Your wife? Will the cabinet vote on your competence to open every meeting? Will it take a 2/3 majority or just a simple plurality of them to convince you to step aside, or will you make them take more deliberate steps to remove you involuntarily? What, exactly is your plan? The American people do have a right to hear your plans for the country, correct?

Have you ever been evaluated using the Abbreviated Mental Test Score, the Mini-Mental State Examination, or the Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument? If so, why have you hidden this fact? If not, why not? Will you commit to submitting to such examinations regularly (once a month?) during your presidency, and making the results public to re-assure the American people?

How long will you make us wait without announcing a comprehensive 25th Amendment plan?

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