Friday, September 26, 2008

Deep Debate, Uh, Thought
Obama will help his debate performance tonight if he can stop himself from saying "uh" so often. He fills his pauses with uhs, like most of us do. But most of us haven't been through nearly 2 years' worth of nationally televised debate prep. It makes him sound unsure, and like a bit of an amateur. Surprised they haven't cleaned that up by now, it's one of the reasons his teleprompter speeches are so much better than the off-the-cuff delivery. But he was doing it even yesterday, so I don't have my hopes up.

[UPDATE: I thought Obama was very strong in delivery - forceful and confident and focused. He missed some opportunities to put McCain on the defensive, but when he did he was direct and clear. I thought McCain was rambly and bitter, maybe won a couple of exchanges but not sure why everyone seems to think it was tied.]

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