Thursday, September 11, 2008

Victims Have to Pay For...What?
Governor Palin had a distinguished career as Mayor of Wasilla: she was the first to hire a lobbyist to beg Washington for taxpayer earmarks, and the first to leave Wasilla in massive debt despite her earmark success, thanks to a budget-busting sports complex that soaked up her tax increase, left the city's infrastructure neglected, and still isn't close to being paid for. But, my favorite distinction is this new revelation: she's the only mayor in the state to have required sexually assaulted women to pay for their own rape kits.

One VP nominee, Biden, wrote the watershed Violence Against Women act of 1994. The other has a different kind of message on that subject. It's this: if you've been raped, you are on your own.

This is not standard practice in Alaska. In fact, Wasilla on her watch was the only town in the state with this repugnant policy. The state legislature *had to step in and intervene on behalf of victimized women in Wasilla* because then-Mayor Palin refused to authorize this basic investigative expense. They passed a state law just to respond to this cruelty under her leadership.

Not only does she believe the law should require you to have the child if you become pregnant as a result of that rape, she obviously didn't think the city should be bothered to pay for trivial things like rape kits. If the taxpayer covered things like that, after all, how would they pay for Palin to stay in her own home?

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