Friday, September 05, 2008

That McCain Video
In a comment below, I point to a hilarious development regarding that bizarre video screen behind McCain at the Convention last night. That weird mansion-looking thing turns out to have been Walter Reed Middle School. Apparently, no joke, somebody was instructed to get a picture of Walter Reed - you know, the *army hospital* - but they ended up with the school by accident(at least it wasn't a picture of Willis Reed, right?) and nobody noticed or cared or was paying attention to begin with.

Well it gets better. That introductory video that they showed before he came out on stage? Was anyone else wondering how they wound up with more black people in the campaign video than they did in the convention hall? That question has been answered as well... turns out those were - seriously - stock photos of black people. Wow. Just wow.

Beyond the cynicism involved in using African-Americans as props to begin with... this lazy, slipshod, half-assed, seat-of-their-pants, corner-cutting campaign - the one that's trying to convince us Sarah Palin was a thoughtful, deeply considered, thoroughly informed decision - wants to run the country?

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