Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Taking a Stand
Democrats in the Senate are trying to hold up the GOP's plan to give themselves all a pay raise on the heels of refusing to raise the minimum wage. Dems sound fired up and determined, and it's about damned time (Read Russ Feingold's Kos diary on the subject.). Also, voters love to pound on politicians for raising their own pay. My only beef with this strategy is that I would tie it to every failure, not just the minumum wage. They don't deserve a pay raise because of that, but also because they've failed to make headway on immigration legislation, failed to conduct oversight in intelligence and the war, failed to develop an energy policy, failed to fix the screwed up Medicare drug plan, failed to balance the budget (or even care about that), failed to support the rebuilding of the gulf coast, failed failed failed failed failed.

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