Monday, June 12, 2006

What have you been reading, listening to, watching?

Great Moments in Sports Programming
Isn't ESPN a huge media entity, fueled by a corporate giant? It's baseball season, it's hockey finals week, NBA finals week, and oh yeah the World Cup. I think it's even college baseball world series time (not that I cae about that) and a horse racing triple crown race is coming up on Saturday. So what's showing on ESPN2 now? Dominos. from 2005.

what, no cheerleading reruns to show?

[CORRECTION: Ok ok so the Belmont Stakes was last Saturday not this coming Saturday...I guess that explains why the 2005 Dominos championship quarterfinals were on this afternoon...]

Article 19 Film Recommendation: Davinci Code
Snooooore. Sorry, it just seemed kind of pointless to me. Not especially exciting, not funny, nothing very interesting discussed, relationships or characters explored. Just not entirely sure why the movie exists. It does look good and sound good.

Weekend Box Office
1. Cars
2. The Break-up
3. X-Men
4. The Omen
5. Over the Hedge
11. An Inconvenient Truth

I expect the Gore movie might creep up in the next 2 weeks as it opens in more theaters. Still only on 122 screens. Gore is scheduled to be on Larry King tonight tomorrow night!

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