Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Minimum Wage v. Paris Hilton
Democrats push for a boost in the minimum wage. Republicans counter with a boost for Paris Hilton. Democratic House Whip Steny Hoyer (who's taken his share of abuse recently from the left) has more at TPMCafe here:
Republicans pulled the funding bill for labor and health programs that contains my minimum wage amendment from the schedule to avoid a vote. Then they announced that they were adding to the schedule a vote on a drastic cut to the estate tax - a tax that affects only the heirs of the wealthy few. On top of that shamelessness, the seven Republicans who voted with Democrats in committee to pass my amendment last week stayed with those earning the minimum wage just as long as they could - a whole seven days. Today five of the seven voted against the same amendment in our effort to attach it to a second funding bill for science and other programs. The other two left the room. But I bet all Republicans will stick with their promise to pass a tax cut for the wealthiest few Americans who are affected by the estate tax. Democrats are not going to give up and we will keep fighting on this issue until we force Republicans to pass a raise in the minimum wage or we take back the House and pass it ourselves.
Meanwhile, Ted Kennedy blogs about the minimum wage at Think Progress. But the good news for Paris Hilton comes to an end there--with her huge tax break thanks to Republicans. Because, sadly for her, in a few years, I will have lost all need for her, since sex with robots is just around the corner. She, of course, will be lost without me. But that's her problem.

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