Friday, June 02, 2006

Robert Kennedy Jr. has written an article for Rolling Stone magazine claiming to demonstrate that the '04 election was stolen. It is a truly craptacular walk down memory lane--exit polls, long lines, shredded voter registration. Not sure why he's writing this, or why Rolling Stone is where he got it printed. But I wish it would do some good toward actually getting some honest elections and vote-counting. It's a long, fairly comprehensive essay. Here's a tiny bit:
A five-month analysis of the Ohio vote conducted by the Democratic National Committee concluded in June 2005 that three percent of all Ohio voters who showed up to vote on Election Day were forced to leave without casting a ballot. That's more than 174,000 voters. "The vast majority of this lost vote," concluded the Conyers report, "was concentrated in urban, minority and Democratic-leaning areas." Statewide, African-Americans waited an average of fifty-two minutes to vote, compared to only eighteen minutes for whites.

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