Friday, June 23, 2006

It's Take Your Dog to Work Day and nearly 1 in 5 workplaces supposedly allow people to bring their pets to work. Hey, they look and smell better than some coworkers, are more agreeable, and their agendas are very straightforward.

Jeez, why didn't someone tell me
my Johnny's on the cover of Newsweek?!? If you have a print copy, email me for my mailing address.

Saw this
periodical cover on the rack at a convenience store this week and came damn close to buying one - framed with the right color matt, it would just pop.

I don't think we've given the
sex with robots concept, buried in the minimum wage post on Tuesday, enough consideration: how much will they cost, and will shipping and handling make them unattainable? to what extent can their appearance be customized? can we program them ourselves, or will we have to download special utilities for those specialized preferences? Imagine the possibilities.

And finally, as you dip the rim of your glass into the margarita salt bowl, I leave you with the FF quote of the week:

"Around 30, I kind of realized that alcohol really does solve your problems. Whoever said drinking doesn't help lied. You live and you learn." – Jewel, on belatedly discovering the joys of drinking.

Bottoms up.

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