Friday, June 09, 2006

For the first time in 3 days of trying to log in, blogger is cooperating (knock on virtual wood). So what am I reading this morning? I'm getting annoyed at a problem I see more and more: completely inaccurate headlines. First the Washington Times has a story with the banner "Democrats call Zarqawi Killing a Stunt", except that, as Sam Rosenfeld points out, no Democrat says that in the story. And I went from that to an AP story about Mexixo-US immigration issues headlined "Powell Says Border Walls Won't Work" in which he pretty clearly says no such thing. (In fact these 2 headlines could probably be more properly reversed. Powell calls Border Walls a Stunt; and Democrats say Zarqawi Killing Won't Work.)

With that in mind, what is the completely untrue headline for today?

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