Friday, June 30, 2006

Frothy Freedom Friday B4 the Fourth

Junichiro has left the building: w takes his buddy to Graceland, Graceland, Memphis Tennessee.

Cat fight: Star v. Babwa, round 3, or the dark side of 'I thought it would be so fun to work with all girls.' Star says Barbara is a hypocrite but she won't denigrate her. Mind you, I don't give a snap about any of them or the show, but it's fun to view the feud.

Tomcat fight: (I know this is not typical FF fodder, but just in the interest of gender equality) blogger boys, conflict is OK but let's keep our eyes on the prize.

Adios, Senorita Arbusto: Jenna gets a gig in "Latin America", after twin Babs takes Manhattan. And in a related story, DC nightclubs cut 10,000 jobs this week.

The FF quote of the week, from E! online:
"Ugliness is better than beauty because it lasts longer, and in the end, gravity will get us all."
-- Johnny Depp

Yeah, right. In honor of the holiday, good ol' Amurican gin & tonic w/ lime to start the weekend off.

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