Sunday, June 18, 2006

Even though he's maddening at times, I haven't really been rully aboard the hate-Joe express that's been chugging through the left-wing blogosphere ever since he started holding hands with the Pres in public. I mean, the guy has legitimate Democratic credentials on a number of issues--and was hardly the only Democrat to support the war (if only).

The problem is, the smarmy guy has swallowed whole the offensive idea that criticism of the President's foreign policy amounts to unpatriotic activity. It's not, like some bloggers say, that Lieberman is "undermining Democratic unity." If that's the best argument we have, then he has an easy primary win coming. "Principle over Party" is all he has to say --and is already saying-- and people fed up with politics eat that stuff up. What he has undermined that matters is not political unity. His way of thinking would jeopardize the very value of a 2-party system in providing an opposition voice. And now that Democrats have finally actually found something of an opposition voice, we don't need a prominent Senator--of a safely Democratic state--decrying those efforts.

But...all of that leadup is to this: Lieberman may be losing it. He's running an ad against his surging primary opponent Ned Lamont that is positively juvenile, not to mention pretty incoherent. Ridicule the opponent is a sad political strategy from a supposed statesman. If only Joe had as much of a sharp tooth for Republican opponents as he does Democratic ones.

Check out Josh's many posts at TPM on this confusing/bizarre ad (1, 2, 3, 4, 5.)

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