Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sad State
We're hardly the first, but it's looking more and more like Tennessee will have a gay marriage amendment to the constitution on the ballot soon. State law already describes marriage as "between a man and a woman," but that's not enough for Republicans here. The Senate just passed a bill 29-3. (Opponents included embattled State Senator Ford, Harold's uncle.) Last year, the House killed this in committee, and Democrats still control the House. But, it seems to be emerging from a different committee this time around. Republicans are likely to try and time this so that it is on the ballot in 2006, in time to effect the Senate and Governor's race we have then.

I don't know any way to argue this issue that has a chance to appeal to the voters of a state like ours. What's a candidate or representative to do? It will probably pass 65-35 here on a popular ballot. We can argue that this is no way to honor love and commitment, but it will not work.

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