Thursday, March 17, 2005

Derek Smalls Weighs In
Guest-blogging for Josh Marshall for a couple of days is none other than Harry Shearer. His first post already contains some probing insight and questions:
I’m amazed that a salient fact about Dan [Rather]’s last few years escaped notice during last week’s barrage of Rathermania and Ratherphobia. Namely, what other distinguished personage of such lengthy service in the public eye suddenly decides, in the last few years of his career, to change the side of his head on which he parts his hair? That, my friends, is plain weird. Sure, he changed the haircut, opting for the youthful short-and-semi-spiky look, and, after a lot of to-and-froing with the dye bottle, allowed himself to go gray, then white. But all that could have been consistent with the right-side part we’d come to know and....know. Somehow, Dan decided--and you’ll hear from the clips that these are decisions to which he gives long and thoughtful consideration--that all that was not enough, that the twilight of a long life on camera had to be marked with a migratory part. And nobody asked why. Until now.
You may want to keep a close eye on TPM through the end of the week.

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