Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bankruptcy Bill Passes the Senate
75-24. Clinton abstained with Bill in the hospital. Matthew Yglesias observed yesterday that Indiana Senator Evan Bayh's vote on the correct side of the cloture vote in light of his likely Presidential run in 2008. But with the vote on the bill, Bayh returned to the dark side (where, frankly, he looks more comfortable) as one of 75 voting yes on bankruptcy tightening.

Why bother trying to hold up a vote if you're just going to cave when it gets there?

Presidential Scorecard...
Voting with the credit industry: Bayh, Biden, Hagel, Frist, McCain, Santorum.

Voting with reason and good sense: Boxer,Feingold, Kerry

Headed the right way, but saved by her husband's operation: Clinton.

UPDATE: If Matt is right (he probably is) that Bayh's vote demonstrates some political cunning, what does Hillary's abstention demonstrate? Makes you wonder how she would have voted.

Anyway, if Bayh's a genius for voting againstthe bill (tapping the Democratic base, like with the Condi vote) and a genius for voting for the bill (political cunning), that pretty well makes him a genius no matter what he does. Must be nice. The only way to blow it now would be to announce that he "actually voted against the bill before voting for it."

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