Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Nutjobs at the Helm
Why are state legislatures always crazier, even, than the state population? The old days of voting for the reasonable, thoughtful candidates that won't do anything too stupid are over. Now it's divide and conquer to get elected, and then wreak havoc once you're in. Why bring this up today? The Michigan House passed (that's right, passed) a bill that would allow doctors the right to refuse service on religious or ethical grounds; like, for instance, if you don't really want to help gay people live.
The legislation permits doctors to refuse service to anyone on moral, ethical, or religious grounds (race is excluded). The Michigan House simultaneously passed legislation allowing health insurers and facilities to avoid providing or covering health care procedures that violate ethical, moral, or religious principles reflected in their bylaws or mission statement.
Between this and the new push to allow pharmacists the right to refuse to fill prescription contraception, I think the whole country is going stark-raving mad. The American Constitution Society has more on both stories.

We don't let ministers practice medicine if it results in harm. We shouldn't let doctors practice religion when it results in harm to their patients either. We can only hope the Michigan Senate somehow has more sense.

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