Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Frist = Hypocrite
From DC Inside Scoop, a blog with enough self-loathing to have actually read Frist's book from 1989.via Atrios
"And, although Frist writes frequently about the ethical issues surrounding transplants--for example, the question of when death begins--he approaches these issues in starkly scientific terms, with little patience for religious objections.

"Near the end of the book, for example, Frist suggests changing the legal definition of 'brain death' to include anencephalic babies, who are born with a fatal neurological disorder but show just the slightest hint of brain-stem activity. Such a change would make it possible to harvest their organs for transplant--something the Catholic Church and pro-life groups oppose. 'Three thousand anencephalic babies were born a year, enough to solve our demand many times over--but we never used them.'
It's probably too much to hope that the brain-dead media will actually hold him accountable for this switch.

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