Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Republicans Against Bankruptcy Legislation
Those of you in-or from-Nashville may know of Dave Ramsey, a local debt management/financial planning consultant with a radio show that has gone national. He makes good sense in general, so long as he's not talking national policy. But even he has come out against the Republicans on the bankruptcy bill.

The House version of the bill is HR 685. Of course, it will pass. But I'm interested to see how some Democrats will vote, especially Harold Ford. He aspires to hold Frist's Senate seat. I just don't see how a yes vote joining Republicans really helps him out, other than making him able to claim the mantel of bi-partisanship. Since none of his potential opponents are required to vote, I would expect them to appeal to lower and middle-class voters by hammering him should he vote yes. I could be wrong, but I feel like states like ours are crawling with Dave Ramsey types that cross party lines.

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