Tuesday, March 08, 2005

$1 Billion
That is our national interest payment on the federal debt. Every year? Every month? No. Every day. Representative Gene Taylor of Mississippi says it is immoral to do this to future generations. Meanwhile, a new study (pdf file)shows that if voters could change the federal spending budget in their own way, revenue neutral, what they would most increase is payment on deficit reduction. And what they would most decrease is the defense budget. So they vote for Bush. Go figure.

Programs the majority of the public would cut in spending:
--Defense (on conventional war expenses) 31%
--Iraq and Afghanistan supplementals 35%
--Transportation 18%
--Justice Administration 21%
--Space Program and Science Research 5%

Programs the majority of the public would increase in spending:
--Deficit Reduction
--Education (39%)
--Energy (1090%)
--Job Training and Employment (263%)
--Medical Research (53%)
--Veteran's Benefits (40%)

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