Friday, March 18, 2005

Chicks in the News: Guest Post by Deb

Don’s generous offer to allow guest posting on Fridays has resulted so far in three well written commentaries on meaningful issues: B Lewberry’s treatise on exercise and health, Kenny’s missive on racial profiling, and Doug's discussion of memory and legacy. All thoughtful, first-person accounts on issues that are poppin’ fresh from the headlines, and made us ponder our own behavior related to the topics.

I think this dangerous trend toward evocative posts on socially relevant issues that shape our very lives has to stop. I mean geez, it’s Friday. And I’m just the fluffhead to derail the trend and set an appropriate Friday tone with observations on Chicks in the News.

Here a chick: I wish there were some sort of medical device to measure degrees of hatred so I could know for certain if I hate Karen Hughes more than I hate other sanctimonious conservative women. Wolfowitz wasn’t the only toady to get his reward for loyal servitude this week with a prime appointment. Karen comes off the mommy track to grace the State Department as undersecretary for public diplomacy. Public diplomacy, even as we are so admired throughout the world. I loved the fake Hughes quote on Wonkette, and I edit for FCC standards: “We need to stab these mothercluckers in the eye with the generosity and compassion of the American people!" She looks like a gym teacher, but will surely win hearts and minds.

There a chick: Media Monday has not yet touched on one of the hottest TV shows dominated by chicks. I’m not talking about “Desperate Housewives,” please, I’m talking “The L Word” on Showtime. If all lesbians looked like these babes, you guys would probably be SOL as even straight girls would reconsider. Jennifer Beals looks awesome, her castmates are all gorgeous with fantastic wardrobes and hairstyles, and their relationships are as complicated and sexually charged as any hetero-based TV dramas. I know how you guys dig the girl-on-girl thing, if you’re not already Tivo-ing every episode, check it out.

Everywhere a chick chick: I hate to re-toot Showtime’s horn, but if you’ve liked “Curb Your Enthusiasm” I have to recommend “Fat Actress,” Kirstie Alley’s new Showtime reality comedy.

Yes, she’s gained some weight in the past few years and is trying to shed it – it happens to the best of us. But she’s still beautiful and more importantly funny, dealing with the topic of overweight, the last bastion of fair game discrimination and derision. I admire her attitude and courage to confront reality with humor, I’m so glad to be able to laugh at her on TV again, and I’m relieved to remember that most real women don’t look like Paris Hilton or Hillary Swank.

Share your favorite Chick story with us.

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