Wednesday, March 30, 2005

More rights the right-wing should consider
Why should pharmacists and doctors have all the rights when it comes to refusing service for religious reasons? Here are a few more I thought of that should be next:
1. Bartenders/waiters refusing to serve alcohol: opposition to drinking
2. Judges refusing to hear divorce proceedings: no broken promises to God
3. Cabdrivers refuse to drive to strip clubs or casinos or bars
4. Movie theater box office workers refuse to sell tickets to R-rated movies
5. Fishermen refuse to pull in shrimp (god hates shrimp)

I'm sure I missed many--help me out.

The point is this: you're a pharmacist. I have a prescription. Give me my damn drugs. If you don't want to dispense legal drugs to people with prescriptions, don't be a pharmacist. It's kind of the job description.

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