Saturday, February 12, 2005

Support the DNC!
It's official - Dean is the new Chair! I've added a link in the left column to allow you to show your support of this new directon with a little coin. If you've never made a political donation, this is a good time to start and know that small amounts are important. If we want to build a Party that's beholden to its citizen supporters, and not corporate donors, then we supporters have to show up. So if you have 25 bucks to spare (or 19!) or are willing to eat mac and cheese a couple of nights to help bring the goal of a 50-state, bottom-up Party, use the link on the left, which lets you donate throug

If the idea of national politics makes you squirm abit, then track down your State or county Democratic Party and give a small donation and offer to volunteer. Let them know that the selection of Dean as chair has allowed you to feel good about being involved!

Kos says in under 3 hours this actblue link has totaled over $30,000.00 in contributions from more then 650 donors.

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