Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Today's press corp would be funny if it weren't so disturbing [UPDATED]
Follow along now (I'm reading through blog obsessions so you don't have to...):
1. Rush Limbaugh spewed his usual stuff about Democrats, this time about Harry Reid, who he says is claiming soup lines are imminent. He was being sarcastic, or metaphorical, whichever. It's his way of accusing Reid of caring about poor people.
2. "Talon News" reporter Jeff Gannon took it literally. And as he is a credentialed WH reporter, asked the President about it, mentioning the "soup lines" comment, which of course he never really made: "How are you going to work with people [like Reid] who seem to have divorced themselves from reality?" Gannon asked.
3. According to World O' Crap, this is the same Jeff Gannon subpoenad in conjunction with the Plame leak.
4. It turns out Jeff Gannon has no training or experience, posts on his own website, The Conservative Guy, and oh yeah that isn't really his name.
5. It turns out Talon News (and "Jeff Gannon") fulfills none of the requirements that should qualify them for credentials, unless being an arm of the GOP does that nowadays. David Brock's letter to the White House requesting they deny "Gannon" credentialed status is here.
6. Enterprising bloggers now believe that Gannon's real name is James D. Guckert, who has an address associated with Bedrock Corp. in DE, the same company that hosts Gannon's website.
7. According to Atrios, other domains, beside jeffgannon.com and conservativeguy.com, hosted by Bedrock/Guckert/Gannon include hotmilitarystud.com and militaryescortsm4m.com (presumably m4m means men for men...).
8. Oh yeah, did I mention Guckert/Gannon has a picture of himself in his underwear up on his AOL account?
No. Really.

The Internet can be an unforgiving place...
[UPDATE] He's given up. That didn't take long. Damn, if I don't feel sorry for him now.

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