Friday, February 18, 2005

Article 19's One-Year Anniversary! Thank-you Don!
Fellow Blog-readers, by my search of the archives, it was one year ago today that Don started Article 19 for us to enjoy. It's hard to imagine Don has been posting several posts daily for us to enjoy. I was trying to think of a big way to say thanks to Don for creating an environment where we can stay in touch and share ideas and thoughts. Steam-rollin' him while he's asleep doesn't seem to cut it anymore, and he is pretty selective about his hookers (dude, it's like make up your mind!) Anyway, Don spends a lot of time managing the blog for us and we should give our thanks in the comments below. I also want to see people come up with some suggestions about how to celebrate this anniversary. Perhaps we could all work to invite 5 other people not already readers of the blog to come visit. Maybe we could plan an actual physical get-together/Article 19 convention somewhere when we reach our 19th Month of Article 19's existence? Maybe we could send a letter to the White House seeking news credential for Article 19, along with Don's "pictures." Anyway, let's thank Don for the great year and make plans to keep this a great place to visit. -- Kenny B

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