Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Is Deanmentum Enough? [UPDATED]
Dean won the endorsement of the State chairs, (and that of one of his former competitors) but will they all vote as a bloc as promised, and is it enough anyway? For sure, he's way in front in terms of endorsements, but this has the stink of the primary campaign to me. The truth is, anyone who is for Dean at this point has every incentive to come out and announce it, and none to stay quiet. So as promising as it is that Dean has the backing of an overwhelming number of those who have announced, it's still only 23%, and he needs 50% + 1. I remember all those Iowa polls that had him in front with 25% of the vote, but that only meant that 75% weren't comfortable jumping on, even though he was the frontrunner with all the attention. Hopefully the same isn't true here, but what would keep someone from announcing support at this point except for a hesitation over him running the Party? Just means there are 77% out there that are still not sure about him.

In the primaries we assumed all the undecideds would split with some similarity to what the polls showed, but that ignored the political reality. Supporting Dean was, and is, a thing you do with a proud passion. In the primary we hit a ceiling and didn't realize it. His push for endorsements has a similar ring to it. Obviously, I hope I'm wrong.

[UPDATE] Martin Frost is out. Is it really all Dean's now? Fingers crossed.

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