Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Political Insanity [UPDATED]
You must see this new Internet ad targetting the AARP. It would be a great parody effort if it weren't the real thing...Really, it's not a joke.

Who's responsible? The people that brought us the Swift Boat ads have gotten back together for this encore. Josh Marshall also sees Karl Rove's hand in it, and also has information on the group, USANext, that is sponsoring the ad, which accuses the AARP of being anti-military and pro gay marriage. Yes, that AARP. Senior Citizens. As Digby says:
The AARP sold their members down the river with that ridiculous drug company giveaway last year and look what it bought them. Gay bashing and treason.
Nice folks to deal with, huh, Republicans.

[UPDATE]USANext has taken down their ad. I'm under no illusion that is was removed for any good reason. But perhaps we'll learn why in the next few days.

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