Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oscar Thread
In case you care. Here's a ballot with all the nominees. Link to the winners here.

Article 19 is was rooting for:
Best Pic: The Aviator, or Sideways [UPDATE: D'oh!]
Best Dir: Marty [UPDATE: Craptacular]
Original Screenplay: Eternal Sunshine [UPDATE: Woohoo!]
Actress: Kate Winslet (even though she has no chance) [UPDATE: D'oh!]
Supporting Actress: Cate Blanchett [UPDATE: Woohoo!]
Supporting Actor: Thomas Haden Church [UPDATE: D'oh!]
Chris Rock to get off a few jokes about Bush....[UPDATE: Hilarious]
Jamie Foxx not to over do it. [UPDATE: Well Done]

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