Monday, February 28, 2005

What have you been watching, reading or listening to?

Marc Broussard?
My students are recommending this guy heavily. I have heard only one track that someone brought to class, and it was very cool sounding, but it's not enough info to know if it's worth recommending. Anyone have his album, Carenco, or know anything about him?

Luaka Bop
Stevie T recommends David Byrne's label. Their list of artists is here. I own some Tom Ze, Os Mutantes (old school Brazilian rock from 60s...Kurt Cobain claimed they were a big influence on him), Zap Mama (they'll be in America touring during April btw), Bloque and King Chango, but not a big fan of King Chango. Also, the compilations are amazing from this label. I've only bought one I haven't really loved, and that's "The Only Blip-Hop Album You Will Ever Need, Vol. 1". The hilarious liner notes for that were almost worth it themselves. Asia Classics are fascinating and Cuba Classics are feverishly good. But Brazil Classics are the best--astonishing music, really.

If you want to listen to some Luaka Bop - try their online jukebox ("toybox"). I haven't gotten all the links to work, but if you have a Flash Player (of course you do) you can hear at least some playlists from their catalog. Check the African Mix for Zap Mama.

Who's a Good Sport?
Halle Berry. Other than Tom Green, no other actor ever showed up in person to receive their "Razzie" award for worst acting of the year. Berry got the award for "Catwoman." Her acceptance speech included "I want to thank Warner Brothers for casting me in this piece of shit." Good for her.

This is pointless of course, but want to know the favorites for 2006 Oscars? Kris at Oscarwatch has predictions for the major nominations, plus lists of other contenders, even though none of these movies have been released yet. Interesting that Woody Allen made the top 5 list for screenplay for "Melinda and Melinda". Not sure if there is actual buzz/anticipation for his next film (I wouldn't believe it anyway) of if this is just for lack of any other contenders at this point.

Help Stevie T

In the Oscar thread comments below, Stevie T asks for our best 5 films of last year, in order. Scroll down and tell him your favorites. I think mine were:
1. Eternal Sunshine
2. The Aviator
3. Sideways (it's grown on me, the way Million Dollar Baby has grown against me)
4. Fahrenheit 9/11
5. Finding Neverland
But there are many that I haven't seen but would like to, those that got great recommendations from people I respect: Before Sunset, House of Flying Daggers, Ray, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, The Sea Inside, Tarnation, Hotel Rwanda, Bad Eduacation.

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