Friday, February 25, 2005

THE "F" Word: Guest Post by B. Lewberry.

No. Not that one. The F word is fitness (let's call it Fitness Friday - even though that might sound a litte weird). Today's topic - obesity and exercise.

New government recommendations for exercise include 90 minutes a day of physical activity. Are we really getting that fat? The surgeon general says America is experiencing an obesity epidemic.

Despite the fact that we all know exercise is good for us, according to the CDC, the majority of adults do not get enough physical activity to enjoy any health benefits.

So I guess my general question is - If we know an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are so bad for us, why are we still suffering an obesity epidemic? I'd like to lay the blame on Mayor McCheese and Nick At Night, but I think the reason is that we are a nation of drive-thru couch potatoes. Are we just plain lazy and gluttonous?

In the interest of full disclosure I should tell you that I'm one of the biggest offenders here - I have the phone number for Papa John's memorized but I couldn't tell you my wife's office phone number or the phone number for my children's daycare provider.

So what gives? And are you getting your 90 minutes & eating your vegetables?

In addition to your thoughts and comments, please feel free to let me know what sports/recreational activities you enjoy - I'll try to keep my postings at least remotely relevant. Many thanks to the grand blogmeister Don for inviting me to post.

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