Thursday, February 17, 2005

Gore to run? [UPDATED]
Al Gore is giving a speech today in LA on environmental/global emissions issues, marking the first day of the Kyoto Treaty enactment. If I see a transcript I'll link to it. Previews of the speech have Gore referring to the Bush administration's "moral cowardice" on the subject.

Part of me hopes Gore can get into the race in 2008. He would definitely be my choice as who-would-make-the best-President. But for his sake, and ours, I mostly hope he stays away. The man has endured enough undeserved, misplaced ridicule and my sense is that people would not vote for him this time around.

But who else, Hillary? Warner? Boxer? Edwards? Anybody want to be one of the first on the Bredesen '08 bandwagon? If he didn't have such a nasally, reserved speaking style he might actually have a chance. He would make a better general candidate than primary though, having gotten his conservative credentials by choosing spending restraint through knocking 300,000 people off of their health care.

[UPDATE: Alternet has coverage of the Al Gore speech, though I haven't found a link to the entire speech yet. It's a good start.]

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