Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wolcott on Gore TV
He's not impressed with Current, and wants his German newscasts back. To be fair to the new network, James--like me, sadly--isn't exactly in the target marketing age group. I don't really get the jeans the kids wear nowadays, so I guess there's no reason I would like their television right? Still, I'm guessing a good bit of Wolcott's problems have to do with their limited programming, being new. Surely that will get better.
The channel only launched yesterday and I've already seen snippets of the pod about the young hip pretty female minister four times while channel-surfing. Who's going to sit and watch a channel where the same segments are repeated like hotel in-house informercials? Even interesting segments don't withstand that kind of scrutiny. Especially when there isn't a single live broadcast or even newsbreak to break up the monotonous self-generating loop rhythm.

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