Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Special Election Day [UPDATED]
In Ohio's 2nd District. We could use a miracle there and that's what a victory would be. Even a single-digit race (in a district that went for Bush by 30) really should send a strong message, but I don't know that anyone listens to those anymore. Keep your eyes open. When I find updates, I'll let you know. Polls close at 7:30 eastern.

[UPDATE: DKos diarist calebfaux reports that news is saying turnout appears to be low. In a district that skews Republican 65-35 (at least), I can't think that high turnout would be a good thing, so I suppose it's good news. But producing a win would take a monumental turnout swing. Essentially, we have to hope that everyone who voted Kerry last time (or who regrets the Bush vote) is motivated, and everyone else doesn't really notice there's a race on. With all the money and attention it's getting, I just can't imagine that perfect storm happening. My money says that turnout only appears light compared to the Presidential election, and because so many (I'm guessing) have voted early. My prediction is Schmidt wins 58-43. If it's worse than that I promise to give up all pep rallying on such longshots.]

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