Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I have to admit to being befuddled by Frist's back-flip, 2-and-a-half-twist stem cell somersault from last week and it hasn't made any more sense in retrospect. Hasn't the guy gone out of his way for a few years now coddling up to the religious right? Schiavo, Justice Sunday, all that stuff? Now, the leading persecutor of cartoon characters, James Dobson says he feels "stabbed in the back by somebody that I thought was a friend … [And] that is what I think has happened here. This is not personal ... Sen. Frist has not put the knife in my back. But it’s essentially placed in the backs of all pro-life and pro-family people around the country."

So, what exactly is Frist's plan, politically? '08 is shaping up to be a GOP war between the McCain-Giuliani faction and the religious wackos. Having positioned himself on the side of the wackos, hasn't he effectively burned the bridge to the only base he had? Being their only champion seemed like his only ticket to Republican relevance as a Presidential candidate. Now what? With that and all of his Senate failures, only utter delusion would compel him to forge ahead with a campaign for the nomination, so far as I can see.

Does anyone else see something of a plan that I'm missing?

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