Friday, August 19, 2005

TV Hosts show some nerve?
Back in the late 90's, Keith Olbermann dropped (or was dropped from, who knows) his MSNBC show because he refused to do all-Lewinsky shows all the time. Now, he's back for a second run and was recently chastized for his Peter Jennings eulogy rant about smoking and cancer. I saw the bit and it was a little over the top and, well, weird--the graphic description of his own painful, bloody, roof-of-the-mouth tumor from years of pipe smoking (he continues to encourage people to quit smoking and share their stories with him online). My favorite part of the performance, coming at the very end of his show, was that it made very awkward the intro to the premier show of the dreadful Rita Cosby. The exchange was hilariously chilly.

Then on Wednesday night, Keith introduced a story on that honeymoon cruise death by saying it was "another edition of Stories My Producers Forced Me to Do."

Now comes word that Bob Costas, who fills in for Larry King occasionally and has been all week, would not do the show last night because it was to be all about the missing girl in Aruba and coverage of the BTK killer.

Good for them both. Maybe someday lots will feel that way. Probably not.

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