Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Actually, yes I have been asleep
I know everyone has already seen this--and it's a tribute to Media Matters that it's gotten so much mainstream attention. In the old days, that fool Pat Robertson could argue for the assassination of a world leader and only his cult members would have heard it. No reason for me to say more--Doug's got it covered.

How far does a nutcase like Pat have to go before he's no longer taken seriously as a God-people spokesperson? I know, you may be saying "but I'm a God person and I don't take him seriously", but next time there's a news channel panel on some religious-based political question, Pat will be sitting right there behind the desk. If Falwell's already booked, that is.

Jesus' General approves of Robertson's announcement ("Unfortunately, Jesus' love of mayhem is no longer taught in the churches.") and has written a letter, complete with hilarious would-be-scripture and priceless graphics.

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