Friday, August 26, 2005

Below Average Teenager
Just in case you forgot (I'm reminded every MWF by the mostly creative minds in my classes), you--like me--are too old to contribute to this world. The best thing we can do is to just stay out of the way of 16-year-olds like Peter Ash, who apparently isn't even an average youngster.
Peter Ash, of Lawford, Somerset, attached a generator to his hamster's exercise wheel and connected it to his phone charger.

Elvis does the legwork while Peter charges his phone in an economically and environmentally friendly way. . . ."I thought the wheel could be made to do something useful so I connected a system of gears and a turbine," he said.

"Every two minutes Elvis spends on his wheel gives me about thirty minutes talk time on my phone."

The teenage inventor was given a C for his project and has been awarded a D overall for the course.
What's a kid got to do to get an A these days?

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