Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wrench-quist [UPDATED]
Wouldn't Bush love nothing more than to distract the media attention away from Rove by coming on out with his Supreme Court nominee? And why hasn't he? Surely, he's waiting for the Chief Justice's status. Picking 2 would have a completely different political calculus than picking just 1. I have little doubt that if Rehnquist were firmly in or out at this point, Bush would have already named someone. In the meantime, with the Chief still waddling around, Bush and Rove twist in the wind together on page 1.

[UPDATE: Nevermind. Rehnquist says we're going to have to drag him out in a pine box. He's not going anywhere.]

More on that story: Matt Cooper plans to write all about his testimony; and Joe Wilson went on the attack on TV this morning.

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