Friday, July 29, 2005

Do Not Call
The Direct Marketing Association, which keeps the master list used by its member telemarketing firms, has announced a new initiative. If you want to have a deceased family member removed from their rolls, you may, for a $1 fee.

So....if you're alive, you can have yourself removed for free through the federal do not call list. If you are dead, it will cost you a dollar. As the CNBC interviewer I just heard pointed out, isn't it doing the DMA a favor to let them know the deceased members, who after all could not possibly be a customer any longer? Shouldn't they be paying us a dollar for each deceased person we help them remove from the list?

It's just further proof of how much they must know their calls are annoying. Now, bribing us for a dollar to stop bothering us. Hilariously, DMA explains that this program is designed to help families deal with the grieving process.

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