Thursday, July 28, 2005

So, I'm sick. Fever, sore throat, yadda yadda. As someone who's rarely sick, I have to tell you--the plethora of potential otc medications is daunting and confusing. Decongestants, antihistamines, they sound to me have opposing functions, and yet lots of medicines contain both. What gives? Add to the confusion the fact that I probably will have to register with the state just to purchase the damn things, due to recent legislation that moves some otc meds (that happen to also be home-brew meth ingredients) behind the counter, so I'll have to get some kind of permission.

When I heard about that law, it sounded reasonable, but now faced with the requirement of an interview by the local pharmacist just to slow down (or speed up, i don't know what I'm supposed to do) the mucus crawling over the back of my throat with what must be microspic back hoes digging in, the whole procedure seems like a pain in the ass.

Plus, can't determined drug makers just drive to Kentucky or Illinois, or any of the surrounding 7 states, and load up? Seems like anyone with the ingenuity to cook up the stuff can figure a way around this restriction. I mean, cocaine has been coming in from Central and South America for years, and we think we can dissuade someone from bringing a sackful of Sudafed (or whatever it is) across the KY-TN border?

State officials are feeling good that it's working:
The number of methamphetamine labs seized by authorities in Tennessee during May and June decreased significantly — 49% statewide — compared with the number of busts from the same months in 2004.

The decline is attributed to Tennessee's stringent anti-meth legislation, which became effective May 1, according to the Governor's Task Force on Methamphetamine Abuse.
Isn't it kind of early to celebrate? If I was a committed drug maker (for the record and benefit of the Internet police, I'm not), I would just be biding my time and developing a new strategy. What do we think they will do, turn from a lifetime of intoxicating, lucrative recreational drug-cooking and go back to school to learn a new trade? Because they just can't get their hands on enough tylenol?

My guess is all we're doign is thinning the herd. The dumb ones haven't figured out yet how to cope. The smart ones will flourish. And of course, because they're the smart ones, meth lab busts are sure to decrease. At least in the old days we had a chance to catch the biggest morons.

Anyway, thanks to our Governor gutting the state medicaid program, pharmacists have alot more to deal with in coming days. How much can they even be paying attention, given the "chaos" that awaits them here in TN?

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