Thursday, July 14, 2005

I get mail
I thought the Article 19 crowd could help with this, or would at least enjoy it. Longtime readers will remember a heated discussion about Alan Alda some time back. Today I received this email:
I love alan alda, but I was wondering if you had any information about him being a real jerk in real life? Any articles or knowedge of people who have experienced negative encounters with the man? Thanks.
Once, while Alan Alda and I were working together at a summer camp, we got one of the counselors so drunk he passed out, and Alda insisted we drive his limp body down to the bus station and prop him up on a bench next to some homeless people. I thought we should at least leave him some phone money in his pocket, but Alda was all like "no way! let him figure it out." He came back to camp the next afternoon and told us Jamie Farr had stopped by on a homeless run and helped him out with some clean clothes and a ride. I don't know if that makes Alda a "jerk" or just a practical joker, but that Jamie Farr is a saint. But if you know of any talk of Alda being a jerk, post it here and I will pass it along to this interested reader.

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