Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bernard Goldberg, mean-spirited dumbass
I caught Bernie hawking his stupid book on the Daily Show a few nights ago and thought Jon made great points, but gave him mostly kid-glove treatment, which is understandable considering how much horseshit, on its face, the book is. But Bernie didn't have such a good time on Donny Deutsch's show apparently. Why Goldberg thinks there is anyone not on Fox News who would take his side in writing a book about 100 people "screwing up America" that includes Barbra Streisand is beyond me. But when he couldn't take the heat of a 5-person panel who all thought his book was foolish, he lost it. Jeff Jarvis, who was on the panel, has the story. Crooks and Liars has the video.

I hate this "both sides of every issue" nonsense. When the side that you are on is that insane you don't deserve to have equal time. You deserve to be called on it. One day, when America is ruined, and it is shown that Ms. Streisand is to blame, Bernie can have the last laugh. Until that day, he deserves all the scorn he finds. Kudos to Deutsch for questioning his ideas and moreso for scolding his bad behavior.

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