Saturday, July 02, 2005

It's not the sex, it's the lying [UPDATED]
Lawrence O'Donnell reconfirmed his outing of Rove as the traitorous leak source and claims Newsweek is working on an "it's Rove" story. And Jon at AMERICAblog reminds us that Republicans should still be against lying to the grand jury.

Relentless pressure should be applied to this White House to make them explain why Karl is still a government employee if the President takes this as seriously as he claimed several months ago. If the media lets this get away due to a Supreme Court nominee, or a missing white girl, or a shark attack, I'll be pissed.

[UPDATE: The Newsweek story is online--a bit of a letdown frankly, but should be the start of something if any reporters decide to get off their duffs and do some work.]

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