Saturday, June 25, 2005

Lots of polls have started to indicate that the American public is souring on the Iraq War. But, the question gets asked in funny ways; respondents are often given unsatisfying kinds of choices. I read this one the other day though, and it's just now sinking in: more Americans now hold George Bush responsible for the Iraq War than they do Saddam Hussein, 49-44. That's pretty cut and dry isn't it? And a direct repudiation of the idea that somehow Saddam's actions regarding UN sanctions, weapons, or support for terrorists was the impetus behind the War.

And shouldn't this development in public opinion be leading the news at least ahead of the Dick Durbin story? And given their previous rhetoric, shouldn't Republicans ask the American people to apologize for giving terrorists such a boost in morale?

Wolcott has much more and it's even better than usual.

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