Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bernie Sanders
The Vermont congressman is guest-blogging this week at TPMCafe. Today he defines being a progressive:
What motivates me politically, and what being a progressive means to me is fighting for the economic well-being of middle and low income Americans -- those people whose needs are too often ignored by a Congress dominated by Big Money and a White House bent on further enriching the very wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

In Vermont, we have shown that when middle income and working people know you are on their side economically, they will support you even if they disagree with you on one or another social and cultural issue.
For all the post '04 haranguing about Democrats deciding what they stand for, he makes it sound pretty easy, doesn't he? And he's not even a Democrat. Now, if only that strategy of a constituency overlooking cultural disagreements worked south of, say, Pennsylvania, we'd have something.

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