Thursday, June 23, 2005

Bush on Social Security
President Bush on Thursday praised the fact Republicans had put forward proposals to restructure the U.S. retirement program and blamed Democrats for the troubles facing his Social Security plan.
"See, the American people expect those of us who come to Washington, D.C., to negotiate in good faith on behalf of the people. If there's a problem, people ought to say, 'here's what I'm for,' not what they're against."
(ed:all emphasis mine)
Ok, fine. Here's what we're for:
1. Balancing the budget so we don't have to keep raiding the trust fund to pay for giant tax cuts for those who need them the least.
2. Reaffirming the commitment that the Social Security Trust represents a good faith debt that the United States promises to pay in full, as required by the Constitution.
3. Minor adjustments to the present system to extend its solvency, including raising or eliminating the payroll tax cap.

In short, we're for fixing the system we have now (not scrapping it for a whole new system), and maintaining its central reason for being: as an insurance system for the retired, not a welfare system to nosedive middle-class retirees toward the poverty line.

Democrats have been saying what we're for. Why is it so hard to understand?

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