Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Captain Obvious
I love when stuff we already know to be the case is finally unmasked and trumpeted by "news" media. Like finding out that Bush had already decided to go to war well after he was claiming otherwise--no way! I'm shocked! 2 others have come up today. First, Americans are craaaazy--a new study shows that 55% of Americans will experience mental illness at some time in their lives. Really? That low? Their definitions would have included practically everyone I would think: any form of depression, phobia, alcohol abuse, or anxiety. Who's left standing after that?

Best of all though is the shocking revelation that Exxon played a major role in shaping Bush's environmental policy, including the decision to refuse the Kyoto treaty.
"President Bush tells Mr Blair he's concerned about climate change, but these documents reveal the alarming truth, that policy in this White House is being written by the world's most powerful oil company. This administration's climate policy is a menace to humanity," said Stephen Tindale, Greenpeace's executive director in London last night.
Alarming! I thought he really was serious about climate change, but was just waiting for the right moment to pounce! Seriously, who did we think Bush was listening to? The Sierra Club?

In other news, the Earth continues to both rotate and revolve simultaneously! Plus, I overslept this morning! The gods must be crazy!

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