Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bush Speech
The transcript is here. But the shorter version is: "Heh heh heh. We gotta keep fighting in Iraq cause all those fellas from September 11 are over there. You remember how bad that was dontcha? Iraq War = September 11. (Somebody better clap if you don't wanna get fired). Good night."

I was surprised he did make a pitch for people to join the military. That must have hurt a little. I don't know if this clear act of desperation actually helped. Over the last month his job approval ratings have levelled out below 50% But if you want to know what your own state thinks, check out SurveyUSA's state-by-state numbers, via Kos. Tennessee finally has more disapproving than approving, 49-47. Only 17 states approve more than they disapprove.

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