Thursday, June 02, 2005

DNC Raising Money Online for 50-State Strategy
Chairman Dean is asking for money specifically to fund the next phase of the 50-state strategy. In April, the DNC sent funds to the state parties of Missouri, North Carolina, West Virginia, and North Dakota. This round targets Kansas, Wyoming, Nevada, Nebraska and Mississippi. Follow along with the graphic below (or click to donate), which is updated on the hour.

While the media is bashing Dean for not raising as much money as the GOP in his first quarter, DKos commenter trubludem reports that DNC fundraising is far outpacing the last Q1 of an off-year. Face facts, we're just not going to have as much money as the GOP. That's how it is. It's not our fundamental problem. We will have enough to win, if other things are in place. Competing across the country will help in itself, and sends the right message.

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