Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Anti-Apology? or Pro-Lynching? [UPDATED]
20 16 Senators refused to co-sponsor a bill apologizing for never outlawing the lynchings that killed blacks in the South, and refused a roll-call vote that would get them on the record. But, Kos has the list--19 15 Republicans and 1 Democrat (Conrad of ND). We should hammer this in the news day after day after day. I want to turn the tv on this time next week, and still see CNN talking about it. Go to work, Chairman Dean.

UPDATE: The numbers have shifted down to 16. Lamar Alexander is still on the list. A senator may still co-sponsor legislation after it passes to demonstrate support. Lamar, what is the holdup? Why associate yourself with the Trent Lotts of the world?

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